“Content is the King” is Really in 2024?

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How many times have you heard the word that “Content is the King”? Assume that it’s tons of time in your blogging career. 

Thinking about King content, AI makes an entry with a new model and one-click content generation solution. 

Everyone creates their content with just a single click without thinking about the accuracy and helpfulness of the content. 

Nowadays, thousands of people are asking about AI and human-written content, which actually works for Google’s rank.

Can we say content is the king in the current AI era despite these questions? 

Let’s find out all these questions and answers using my experience. 

Do You Think The Content is The King?

Content is the king

You don’t need to go too far; just go back to 2020; everyone thought content could get a higher rank if it didn’t have value for the searchers and users. 

Even though most newbies think about higher quantity content, it makes ranks. 

However, Google has actually made thousands of changes in the past regarding content quality and helpfulness. 

Most of us don’t think about the user’s intent; we just need traffic to convert them into customers. 

Do we provide value to users through our content? Actually, no. We are just seeking their click with low-quality content on our site. 

As an SEO, I always focus on content quality instead of quantity, but most of my clients aren’t ready to accept this reality. They still want higher-quality content based on word counts. 

Let me clarify something that you may not find anywhere else: Google doesn’t work like before in SGE. 

AI makes it easier to provide search results to users but makes it harder to get a higher rank on Search Generative Experience (SGE). 

If you think visually, more word counts make content bigger than usual, but most of us don’t want to accept the reality that we should focus on quality with helpful content. 

Information is the key nowadays in content, and information is the king here. 

Insights, information, analytics, and thorough content make a blog helpful for users; it should fulfill the readers’ intent.

SGE makes it easier to get information with the help of AI. But the fun fact is that most of the searchers don’t know about SGE and are just getting information that actually needs them. 

Can I use AI Content as Helpful Content?

Depending on the helpful content, AI is not ready to serve helpful content across all topics based on the user’s intent. 

The intent is an emotional connection between the searcher and the content’s information. Need to match both bonds with fewer chances because we can assume their intent. We need deep research and well-researched content before publishing it for users.

Currently, most of us abuse AI and its power. Google knows well how we regularly use spammy and repetitive content on our websites. 

If you notice, Google brings some significant updates to prevent spammy content and get them penalized for these.

As an SEO enthusiast, I can assure you that AI can’t make high-quality content that is actually needed for your audience as well as content’s helpfulness. 

Getting help from the AI, it’s fine. But creating content? Not good enough; there are tons of data accuracy missing, facts, and cohesion of the sentences. 

It’s true that AI makes it easier to get the idea of any topic, but you have to personally experience the topic to share your thoughts with your audience. It will build the authorities.

Google’s algorithm sees the overall E-E-A-T of the topic. E for Experience, E for Expertise, A for Authoritativeness, and T for Trustworthiness.

When these four dots are connected, you will get the unreal authorities from the search engines that set your content exact place that you expected. 

Is Content Is The King Now?

Is Content The King Now

The answer to this question is a bit complicated due to the current AI era and the evolution of the online AI industry. 

Google has changed its SERP algorithm to SGE. Changing the SERP algorithm doesn’t affect the searcher. But SEO should know the chances and upgrade themselves for the futuristic updates.

Content is not the king, but quality content is the king forever. Content without quality is nothing for Google and searchers, either. However, helpful content always improves user experience, and Google is ready to appear in the SGE.

Google is making the SGE formula harder day by day, but I can see that quality content is getting chances to effectively show a glimpse of the SGE area. 

Lastly, Content is always the king for online presence if it has the quality and the user experience for the readers. 

Why is Quality Content Important?

Why Quality Is Important

If I ask you, why don’t you always provide quality and helpful content for your readers? You will say, Yes, I should. 

That’s the answer to this question. Quality is the key to blogging and building the authority for your business. 

When you search for something on Google, you find a first-ranked URL and click. But inside of this blog, you didn’t get the satisfying content that you actually need. 

What will you say to Google? Is it not Google’s mistake? Absolutely. Nobody likes unhelpful and misleading content that ultimately hamper the user experience. 

It’s true that you will get the traffic from your third-level content, but it’s not sustainable for long-term business. 

Try to provide something that actually need to your audience, and they want it from your blog. These will help you build your authority and your domain reputation.

Let’s finalize the whole story. 

Final Verdict

In short, Content was the king, is the king, and will surely be the king. But here are some qualifications of content. 

Quality, facts, helpfulness, data accuracy, and the user experience make a content king for users as well as Google. 

Always try to maintain your authority with your content. It will boost your personal authority, which will help others recognize you with your content in the future. 

Providing low-level content may hamper your blogging and users’ expectations from you which is not anybody’s goal. 

So, Do you understand the concept of the content is the king or not? 

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