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Why is SEO Needed for Online Business in 2024?

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One of my clients came to build a website, and said, hey Akram, do you think I need to hire someone to complete my site’s SEO?
I was shocked to hear this because he had already launched his business online. Still, he thinks SEO is needed for his business or not?

Well, I know, it’s a common question if you are new online and running a site or a small to larger business. I should explain the story of SEO for online businesses which is the ultimate game changer.

However, one simple thing you should remember is that SEO is a process. It’s a never-ending process, and you are ready to continue to make your business stand out from competitors. 

SEO is not a single method that you just follow and drag and drop something inside of your blog post. It needs a well-research plan and a pre-planned way to explore and express your online business. 

So, I’m going to share some benefits of SEO that clear your confusion, and you will get the idea of doing SEO for your business right now. 

Benefits of doing SEO for Online Business

Benefits of doing SEO for Online Business

SEO has tons of benefits depending on business and website quality, I just broadly explore these four. Hope you will get the proper idea about Online Business SEO.

Long-Term Result

First of all, SEO results do not come within one or two months; it need time to grow big according to search engine algorithms. There is no additional cost like Google Ads or Meta Ads. 

After a certain period, your site will get ranked (if everything is correct according to the webmaster guidelines), and you will get the result.

From the value of the first ranked pages, you can pass the link joss toward the other pages of your site. Thus, this automated process with continue until you make any mistake.

Besides the Google algorithm penalty or manual actions against your site, you will not face any rank issues.


Look, SEO doesn’t come in overnight, and it’s not vanishing itself from SERP within the next tomorrow. SEO sustains for the long term. But it requires maintenance, I mean you have to update your content, audit your site, and fix the technical and on-page parts regularly. 

As well as ensure you have complete off-page SEO for your site. Just remember one thing about SEO: It takes time, so stay long. 

If you ask about Google PPC, it’s like a one-time product. As far as you pay to Google, you will get the result. Stop paying, down sales. However, SEO is always the opposite in terms of sales or results. 

Low-Cost Process

Unlike PPC, SEO isn’t costly by itself, and you won’t get any extra field to spend your bucks on. But it’s true that you have to hire someone who is an expert in SEO and can guide your business for organic growth. 

But it doesn’t mean hiring an SEO expert is cheap; it can be costly, but SEO results are not for a certain time. It’s a long-term process with long-term results organically. 

When you doing PPC for your business, you are pushing your products or services to customers. 

In SEO, they eagerly search for products or services on Google, find you, and convert you into customers without your forced push. 

Depending on your niche and effort, SEO will be the game changer for your business, at a low cost. 

  • Why am I saying SEO is a low-cost process?
    It’s because, if you have a website with 1000 traffic monthly, you just need to hire an SEO expert who can scale up your business with 1500, 2000, and 4000 traffic per month on a monthly basis. 

And, you are just paying him for your site’s SEO. Nothing else. (Content charge might be excluded) And you will get the result. 

Up-Scaling Progress

Evergreen process with SEO where you can upscale your business day by day, it’s like a marathon. Start slowly and grow big with your team and their efforts. 

When you start a blog by yourself, you are alone and managing your site’s optimization, development by WordPress, content writing, and other staff. 

But after a certain period, you can’t handle everything as you expect output from your blogging or SEO for a business. 

Now, it’s high time to hire someone to optimize your site and content, and write content for your business that makes faster progress of your business online. 

Upscaling your online business with a team and other staff makes a more effective way to explore SEO and overall business management.

SEO Effects on Business

First of all, your site should be technically fixed and optimized with Google Search Essentials (formerly Webmaster Guidelines) so that Google penalties for low-quality web pages can be prevented. 

Doing proper SEO for a site, it’s may get higher traffic and reduce the bounce rate for low-quality site structure and optimization issues. 

Technically optimized websites get user interaction and users get satisfaction by navigating the site. 

Let’s move on to the other parts like On-Page optimization; 

On-page optimization looks like a very easy and simple step to complete, but actually not like that. 

You have to optimize every web page naturally with accurate information that the page actually contains.

I’m not just describing the benefits of SEO for a business; it’s a long-term process and progress that boosts your business organically toward the audience. 

You will find the result after a few months of starting SEO. As I said earlier, you can’t expect the earliest result from SEO. 

To go ahead smartly and technically, you can’t decline the importance of SEO, and it’s needed to stay alive on SERP/SGE. To prevent the Google penalty, you should always complete the SEO of your site, either technical or site content. 

These were the praise of SEO, so let’s see what problems you can face with SEO.

SEO Drawbacks

SEO Drawbacks

Every coin has an opposite part. In the SEO industry, you will get the big drawbacks of SEO. 

I do not mean it’s the dark side of SEO, but it has something frustrating about this journey, and you may feel the uncertainty.

Google Penalty (Google Hit)

First, you may get down within a day after a Google Algorithm update or manual penalty. 

It is not harsh right now, but Google’s algorithm update is a universal thing where you never expect the right thing to come for you. An exceptional case is always here; all websites are not penalized by Algo or Manual penalty by Google. 

Note: Google will only penalize you if your site doesn’t follow Google Search Essentials (formerly webmaster guidelines). But most of the time, you seem, your 100% accurate site has got a penalty. It’s natural and recoverable to make the same changes and updates on that site by following Google’s update guidelines. 

Choosing Poor or Inappropriate Niche

Choosing a poor or inappropriate niche may harm your whole SEO effort and journey after a long time of beginning. Let me clear the term “Choosing Poor Niche” first. 

Like, you saw a video somewhere and got the niche idea to start a blog or a business online, but you know that video has already got 1 million plus views. So, won’t half a percent of viewers try using the same niche and content? 

The possibility is high here to start the 500 thousand people start the same business simultaneously with the same content and strategy. 

What is the final result here? 

The answer is simple: everyone tries to get ranked with almost the same content and the same thing. It’s the summary of poor niches that already exist and there are no new things across the niche. 

Starting with very common and micro-niches that already have been covered by thousands of people and there is no additional information or content left to share with the audience. Yet, if you jump on this topic, you may be on the wrong path.

From my experience, I saw, that most of them are just trying to put some copied and stolen content from their competitor and share it on their webpage. Do you think, it will rank? Absolutely not! They are on a whim. 

Don’t try something online at your whim; it will cost you time, money, and reputation too. 

Long-Time Process

You can’t expect overnight results from a business or blog site with SEO. You need proper planning and guidelines to start your business online with appropriate SEO strategies that may stand out. 

Here is a question that comes up: Should I choose PPC or SEO for my business?

There is no simple answer to explain exactly what you should choose for your business. But in this case, you should use both of them and utilize your business potential. 

PPC won’t take much time to get quick results as you expected. But After paying off to Google, you will see nothing from PPC. 

There is an opposite result from SEO. You can see the result after a certain period of time, like 4-6 months. 

But it’s sustained without paying bucks to Google or other search engines. 

Nevertheless, I’m not saying you should only focus on SEO or PPC. It’s a combined process that may get higher visibility online. 

Final Line

SEO is the name of progress and a strategy that keeps you visible online. It’s not just changing the meta title and description of your webpage. 

In SEO, you have the power to show your experience, expertise, and authority online help others to know about your business, and get value from your business or content. 

Assume, SEO is a business itself. It makes millions of businesses stand out. Looking for long-term visibility and stability online? SEO is the shield of it. 

So, do you think, you should do SEO for your site?

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