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10 Best AI SEO Assistant Tools That Save Your 40% Time

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1My Pick
Content At Scale

Plagiarism Free Content Writing using AI that Stands out

2My Pick

They Use ChatGPT-3 Turbo for more accurate and stable output


An AI-powered tool that optimizes your content that actually stands out


Easy to use right from Browser Extension with the power of AI

SEO Writing

Generate Your Whole Blog Post by 1-Click Blog Post.


45+ language available AI writers that generate high-quality content


Track rank position, Insightful reports & audit your site


Optimize your content with the power of the latest AI algorithm


All-in-one keyword planner, content optimization solution

Alli AI

Complete AI solutions for a blogger who needs an AI Assistant

Analyzing the website’s performance, report, tracking, and content optimization- these SEO tasks take tons of time in my blogging journey. I was looking for a solution where I could consolidate these tasks with automation. 

It’s an AI era; in the SEO section, AI makes their entry with high-quality AI SEO technology using generating content and other SEO-related tasks. 

Google’s constant algorithm changes are making it more difficult, and manual optimization alone is not enough to fulfill Google’s ranking demands. This is where AI SEO assistant tools become invaluable.

But the query remains: 

What Are AI SEO Assistant Tools?

AI SEO Assistant Tools mainly refer to some specialized programs designed to automate and enhance the SEO processes of a website with the help of AI and machine learning algorithms.

It analyzes a website and generates the needed optimization recommendations like fixing technical issues, rewriting content, link building, analyzing competitors, and boosting its ranking. 

In this guide, I’ll explore the best AI SEO assistant tools available right now, highlighting their key features and ultimate capabilities that will improve your SEO rankings

Why Should We Use AI SEO Assistant Tools?

AI SEO assistant tools are proving to be indispensable assets for the markets to enhance productivity, boost efficiency, and improve results. 

Whether it is about optimizing content or automating repetitive tasks, as an SEO enthusiast, you can blindly rely on these AI-powered to free you up from time-consuming manual responsibilities. Like: 

1. Reduce Repetitive Tasks:

With the help of AI SEO tools, you can effectively handle a website’s time-consuming & repetitive tasks that just slow down your performance. This would include data collection, analysis, fact-checking, identifying technical SEO issues, site speed problems, accessibility errors, and so on. 

The tools can automate your tasks and let you focus on the high-level strategy and implementation that will result in greater efficiency.

2. Improve Content Quality: 

SEO assistance tools use advanced Artificial intelligence (AI is still in under development) techniques through which a business can easily optimize their content, aligning to their user’s intent. 

It can analyze content, detect issues, and provide suggestions to refine the service that boosts engagement. Even most of the tools are quite responsive to the target audience, enhancing the website’s overall user experience. 

3. Optimization in Autopilot

SEO autopilot is a powerful tool that automatically performs all the SEOs of your website and helps you generate leads and marketing. And with the power of AI, you can just automate the whole process even more effectively.  

Many AI SEO tools in the market can optimize on autopilot and perform critical tasks like monitoring rankings, competitor activities, or new link opportunities. 

Best AI SEO Assistant Tools That Improve Productivity 

For any online business, whether just for blogging or selling products, generating sufficient traffic and converting that traffic into customers is essential to drive growth. And search engine optimization (SEO) tools are the secret weapons here to drive this intention into a path. 

The tools implement all effective processes that optimize the technical configuration of a website and make the content relevant to rank on the SERP’s first page. 

A study shows SEO can drive up to 1,000%+ more traffic to a website than without it.

But amidst the vast availability of SEO tools, it is quite obvious if you are confused about choosing the best option. Fret not!

After testing 100+ AI SEO assistant tools, here is the comprehensive list of our top picks recommended by our experts:

1. Content At Scale

Content at scale logo
Content At Scale Logo

When the fact is about relying on the best AI writing tool to generate superior content, Content At Scale would come in the first row. It is the right place for content creators to get a perfect combination of powerful writing outcomes in the simplest UI. 

You may ask, “Can AI-Generated Content Rank on Google?

Read the full blog and understand how to convert your AI-generated content into highly-optimized SEO-Friendly content. 

The use of advanced machine learning models not only generates some pieces of words but also makes them SEO-friendly by infusing long-tail keywords or optimizing titles or meta descriptions

Even with the updated Content at Scale 3.0, you are getting chatbot AIMEE, where you can incorporate 40+ trained AI agents to help you understand the best content strategies. 

Key Features:

  • SEO optimization interface: It features all the updated SEO optimization strategies that make your content ranking higher.
  • Long-form content creation: The provided short instruction creates long-form content with the best output, 100% unique and full of informative information.
  • Inbuilt plagiarism Or AI detecting tool: It features a built-in AI detector tool that is free to use for anyone. You can even scan your content for plagiarism with the built-in Copyscape integration.

What’s Best? 

  • Crafts long-form content quickly
  • Great outputs
  • Provides Google Docs-style text
  • Detects AI of any content 
  • Good optimization of all ranking factors 

Reasons To Avoid 

  • A bit pricy 

2. KoalaWriter

KoalaWriter Logo
KoalaWriter Logo

The time goes just to comprise messy outputs from general AI tools when KoalaWriter is out there for you as one of the best one-click AI SEO assistant writing tools. 

AI blogging tools prove effective enough in getting a complete writing package, from making outlines or inputting keywords to generating the whole content piece. 

This advanced platform is highly focused on blog content. Thus, millions in content markets find it an ideal tool to craft high-quality content for various platforms. 

The best feature of the tools is the AI Chatbot, which provides more powerful results with the integration of ChatGPT. 

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface: With the clean and simplest UI, even a beginner can easily understand its vast features and use them best.
  • High-quality SEO analysis: The tool uses advanced AI SEO algorithms to analyze your articles and provide suggestions based on that to make them SEO-friendly. 
  • Generate AI Image: Beyond just writing, it helps you create high-quality images for your blogs in seconds.
  • API access: With the API key in the tool, you can easily integrate with other tools and automate your content writing process as you want. 

What’s Best? 

  • Affordable Pricing Plans 
  • Well integration of GPT-3.5 & GPT-4
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate content output 
  • Offers risk-free trial

Reasons To Avoid 

  • Repetitive words
  • Limited language versions

3. Frase.oi

Frase.io logo
Frase.io Logo

Frase.io is the finest SEO content optimization tool that allows you to optimize your content with relevant topics and keywords.

With their suggestions and optimization with the power of AI, improve your content and remove the reparative and bunchy words that are actually not needed in your content.

I also benefit from Frase.io by optimizing my content using their suggestions.

Millions of businesses, content creators, and entrepreneurs find it one of the optimization tools like Frase.io.

The powerful features help you identify keywords for your projects, write your content, and then best optimize it to rank higher in the SERPs.

So, how can you define it compared to other tools?

The output will be 1000 times better, 100% unique, informative, well-structured, and most importantly, competitors analyzed rather than generic pieces or paraphrased words. 

Key Features:

  • Research Tool: It is one of the best features found in Frase.io. Through the research tool, you will able to analyze competitor articles and the information they have input. 
  • Edit Content: Beyond just writing, Frase.io also helps to edit content. You can format your text and edit the images just like you would do in Google Docs.
  • AI writing templates: The tool offers a comprehensive range of AI templates to choose from to format your content as your choice.

What’s Best? 

  • Best article drafts 
  • Content editor tool
  • Custom AI templates 
  • Offers inbound & outbound link building 
  • Supportive chatbot

Reasons To Avoid 

  • No free plan



HARPA AI is the most popular AI-powered browser extension tool that has changed the browsing experience of millions of users. It is more than just an AI assistant tool and incorporates ChatGPt to review your content better. 

The content is now popular for content creators, especially for fact-checking, research, or getting quick insights into the write-ups.

The interaction power of this extension with your  Chrome browser is impressive it lets you complete tons of work without any distractions. The best part of the tool is the ability to track product pricing, saving a lot of time for online marketers. 

Key Features:

  • Summarize YouTube videos & web pages: With the help of this extension, you can easily get quick details of any lengthy  YouTube video and long articles. 
  • AI content generation: As with summarization, HARPA AI can also generate well-optimized AI content. 
  • Smart reply: With the help of this extension, you can reply to the messages or emails you receive within a shorter period. 
  • Monitor Data:  HARPA AI is superior in monitoring data or checking facts of any web page and even lets you update if any changes occur. 

What’s Best? 

  • AI Writer
  • Smart data monitoring feature 
  • Provides AI-generated answers to search queries 

Reasons To Avoid 

  • May not support all languages. 

5. SEO Writing

SEO Writing.ai Logo
SEO Writing.ai Logo

SEOWriting AI is the most popular choice for content creators and marketers to generate SEO-optimized articles with just one click. The user-friendly interface, infusing all the Google updates and other powerful features, makes it possible for the business.

For affiliate entrepreneurs, its 20 pre-trained models are superior. You can craft your titles, descriptions, and outlines and manage your documents seamlessly through thorough reach and editing. 

The best part?  This revolutionized SEO assistant tool can generate content in up to 48+ languages. 

No need to believe in just my above preview! Hit their free trials that offer up to 5000 thousand words at no cost and test by yourself. 

Key Features:

  • Content optimization: It provides a Checker tool that guides you in optimizing content according to top search engine rankings.
  • Faster content creation: The tool creates bulk projects within a few minutes with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.
  • Faster product listing: By just inserting the URLs, you can easily make a comprehensive & informative list of your affiliate products.
  • AI-powered image creator: With the image creation tool, you can generate professional-looking images for your blog posts. 

What’s Best? 

  • Multilingual support 
  • Free trial available
  • Best for both beginners and professionals
  • Enough affordable

Reasons To Avoid 

  • Limited options

6. SEO.ai


SEO.ai is the most prominent SEO assistant tool, optimized for SEO pros to craft informative content quickly and with greater efficiency. Even SEO.ai is much more than just crafting content. 

Within a limited budget, you will get a comprehensive SEO package with this tool that helps you out with all the SEO tasks, from keyword research to analyzing SEO scores.  

Artificial intelligence will be able to discover the most relevant keyword based on your topic to make your content rank higher than your predictions.

Key Features:

  • Generate AI content: It uses artificial intelligence to craft an SEO-friendly continent that will stand out among competitors.
  • Keyword research: SEO.ai analyzes your audience preferences and turns them into relevant keywords to target for higher ranking.
  • Real-time SERP analysis: It can effectively track Google algorithm signals and uncover all the hidden gaps in your content to let you cover them up quickly. 
  • Market-leading AI editions: With the help of an AI-assistant feature, it crafts content and edits it based on competitor analysis. 

What’s Best? 

  • Faster AI content-generating tool
  • Effective data analysis
  • 45+ language available
  • Highly focused on SEO strategies

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited free trial

7. Nightwatch

Nightwatch Logo
Nightwatch Logo

Nightwatch will come in the top row when the term is about tracking a webpage’s most accurate SEO audit report. It brings all the powerful solutions to get accurate data and report, track keywords, or analyze websites for backlinks. 

The best part of this cloud-based software is the integration of Google Analytics, search consoles, and many other effective SEO sources like Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic. It not only helps you get comprehensive SEO data for your website but also saves you a ton of money from buying those expensive platforms. 

And in Nightwatch, you will pay just what you want, making your subscription more worth it. 

Key Features:

  • Intuitive UI: The tools offer you the most interactive, easy-to-navigate interface that helps you get what you want through dashboards and graphs.
  • Site Audit: Using a powerful crawler, Nightwatch audits your website regularly and provides the needed suggestions for improvement.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking: It tracks ranked keywords on the SERPs relevant to your topic and even helps you filter them according to your audiences, language, or country.
  • Competitor Tracking: Nightwatch allows you to add and analyze your competitor’s data for your keyword rankings.

What’s Best?

  • Excellent customer support 
  • Professional SEO reporting 
  • Improves data visibility 
  • Generates API for seamless data flows

Reasons To Avoid

  • Seems pricy when adding more keywords.

8. Clearscope

Clearscope logo
Clearscope Logo

Clearscope offers all the amazing features that enable users to identify key LSI keywords closely related to your targeted topic and create a compelling content piece by optimizing them. 

Even before finalizing one, it creates content briefs to allow you to choose your preferred one. 

With the Clearscope content report, you can analyze your competitor as well and then evaluate your content to see whether the input information is relevant to your selected topic.  

Key Features:

  • Content optimization: With the optimization tool, you can generate or optimize your content and analyze it to compare it with your top 30 competitors.
  • Find relevant terms: Clearscope analyzes up to 30 competitors and finds relevant terms for your focus keywords. The best part is it even helps you with how many times you need to include them in your content.
  • Grade Report: With the  Clearscope content report, you can easily define your content’s readability and grade. Also, it will help you to find out the word count ideas for your content. 

What’s Best? 

  • Responsive customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Create content outlines
  •  Great content creation planning 

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited Features

9. WriterZen

WriterZen Logo
WriterZen Logo

Millions of businesses are now relying on WriterZen to automate SEO content workflows. It is far more than just AI writing assistant software; it is a complete suite of tools that will drive your website ranking higher.

Through this writing tool, writers and marketers can now write and optimize their content within a short span of time. 

Beyond just writing, it will manage your entire SEO content marketing strategy by helping in keyword research or even suggesting trending topics in the market. 

Key Features:

  • Content Creation: WriterZen provides all the best AI strategies to craft a compelling, unique content price compared to the competitors. Just enter your focus keyword, set deadliner, and let WriterZen do its magic.
  • Build Template: In the content creation interface, this SEO assistant tool can help you get H2 and H3 ideas and generate content outlines as well.
  • Import & explore keywords: With the keyword research tool, you can find out valuable keywords and phrases to optimize your content outstanding the SERPs. Even with the Importer tool, you can filter the keywords by search volume, CPC, or  PPC competition. 

What’s Best?

  • Standout in keyword discovery
  • Offers a free trial period
  • Feature-rich & productive AI writing tool

Reasons to avoid

  • Complex UI

10. Alli AI

Alli AI Logo
Alli AI Logo

Alli AI will be your go-to solution to reduce the bulk workloads on your business SEO projects. This SEO tool will allow you to automate your SEO work process with real-time cloud deployment and effective code changes. 

Moreover, it will analyze your full website and provide real-time data that will guide you through the easiest step-by-step instructions to boost your rankings. 

From choosing SEO keywords to meta tag optimization, image alt, or link descriptions- all can be done on this single platform.

Key Features:

  • Keyword Research: Alli AI analyses the competitors and suggests powerful keywords that help you drive high-quality traffic to your website.
  • Backlink Building: Beyond keyword finding, Alli AI gives you high-quality backlink ideas to improve your website’s visibility.
  • Content Management: With content management features, you can optimize the contents of webpages and make them stand out among competitors. 
  • Rank Tracking: Alli AI helps you to track the ranking of your website in the SERPs and provides real-time data to monitor the progress 

What’s Best? 

  • Easy to use
  • Best customer service
  • Nice and clean
  • UI Works with any CMS


  • Expensive
  • Beginners can’t afford

Some FAQs about AI SEO Assistant Tools

The ultimate question arises: Can these AI tools reduce our time and optimize our content like humans?
Well, it needs some extraordinary effort to optimize your content like a human; you have to understand the searcher’s intent actually to fulfil their needs.

1. What tasks can AI SEO Assistant Tools automate?

  • They can automate various tasks, like keyword analysis, content creation and optimization, backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, and performance tracking.

2. Are AI SEO Assistant Tools suitable for all types of websites?

  • Yes, they can be beneficial for various types of websites, including e-commerce sites, blogs, business websites, and more. However, there needs to be some human expertise to utilize these AI tools.


In reality, you can’t rely on AI tools when AI is still developing its algorithm day by day. Currently, AI helps in various ways in the digital marketing and SEO industry.

According to my expertise, I can recommend these tools for your blogging career or running a digital marketing agency and managing clients‘ businesses.

But remember, AI aren’t human beings, and they don’t have any extraordinary power to resolve your problem and identify like humans.

You should know the basic SEO before using these tools, otherwise you couldn’t utilize them properly that may bring bad result in your SEO journey.

All these tools are good, and their utility varies from different businesses and sites, so beyond my recommendation, you should use them with their trial version.

That’s the point: my comprehensive guide would be the best assistant for you where you have listed the leading SEO assistant tools in the market right now. 

So, if you are still new to any of these tools, pick that and make the best use of it to streamline your business growth.

Let me know which tool you have already used.

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