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How to Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Personal or Business?

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Does a perfect domain name make sense? Well, it’s a debatable thing I have been facing in my SEO career. 

If you are a newbie in your business, you might have heard a standard question, “How can I choose a perfect domain name” for me or my business?

It’s a discussable question, and I should clarify the whole confusion and explain the best way to choose the domain for you. 

Considering the SEO, I’ll also share tips for choosing the best domain name.

So, let’s dive deep;

What is The Domain?

Domain is the text string version of a web IP address that replaces the unmemorable IP address with a memorable and human-readable string. 

Looks hard? No worries, let me clarify with the example;

You are visiting my site (akramhossain.com), which is a text string, but it is a pseudo version of my original IP ( or something like that, and DNS (Domain Name System) replaces it.
DNS helps to replace the machine-readable IP address with human-readable texts. So, when we visit a site, we visit the IP address that DNS hides. 

Before explaining the domain-choosing part, I need to explain another important thing to understand: the top-level domain (TLD).

What is Top Level Domain (TLD)?

Domain has at least two parts: one is a domain name, and the other is a domain extension. Currently, We are experiencing a massive number of domain extensions that are dramatically growing. 

Here is ‘akramhossain.com’, ‘akramhossain’ is a domain name and ‘.com’ is TLD. Besides, there are some popular LTDs; ‘.org’, ‘.net’, ‘.co.uk’, 

In this AI era, .ai, and .io these two domains dominate the AI-based tools, software, or SaaS products market. Even businesses are eagerly choosing these TLDs for their business. 

Before 4-6 years ago, businesses were using their only ‘.com’ domain; still, this domain is the most popular one, but people are accepting other domains that are relevant to their business. 

So, here you get the one pick point to choose the domain TLDs for your business. 

There are some three-phase TLDs like; google.co.uk, amazon.co.uk, google.com.bd, and something like that.
Also, you may see country-based TLDs such as; .in, .uk, .us, and more to get the localized experience. 

What Type of Domain Should I Choose?

Looking for a .com TLD before reading this blog, right? I was like you at first, but now, I have changed my mind about the various aspects of the domain. 

Four or five years ago, people blindly thought that only .com TLD could exist for good branding or personal shoutouts. 

But now, it’s changed! 

We have a bunch of TLDs to choose from, and considering our needs for this domain, TLD doesn’t matter for now. 

Many of us think the .com domain looks professional and easy to catch. Partially, they are right.

In this world, AI is dominating the market with its incredible products and vast usability. Could you ignore any potential AI tools like Jasper.ai? I don’t think so. 


Find the best domain name string for your personal use or business, and select the niche you want to cover.
If it is an AI or new feature-rich tool, search for .io or .ai TLDs. It’s the best search for now. But I know those domain prices are high compared to the .com TLD. 

You may not get available .com TLD for your domain. 

Now, here the question comes: how do you choose a good domain name? Well, let’s explore deep to under the easiest way to choose the best one for you. 

How to Choose a Dood Domain Name?

There are two purposes of domain;

  1. Personal Use 
  2. Business

Let’s talk about the personal use domain choosing followed by Business use. 

How to Choose a Domain Name For a Personal Website?

A personal website defines a name of your own, which means personal name. If you are ‘Mr John’, you will register a .com TLD for your name, like john.com. It’s usual. 

But here is not a usual thing about TLD availability: getting the .com TLD according to your name is too harsh.

Thousands of people are similar to your name and might have registered the same domain for their own. What should you do now?

  • Add your profession to your domain

Assuming you are an SEO expert and looking to register a .com TLD for your personal brand, add johnseo.com for you. Luckily, you may get it for you. Also, you can souffle the name like seojohn.com

  • Add full name in your domain

First name or Surname might be unavailable commonly, but you can try with your full name; let’s say your full name is John Doe. Well, try with it, johndoe.com

  • Add a common prefix in the domain for personal use

If you failed to pick the above two steps to pick the best one, then use these tips to register.

Like; thejohn.com, ijhon.com, mejhon.com, realjohn.com, mrjhon.com, and others that relevant to your branding. 

  • Choose .me TLD for personal use

Looks uncommon to you? But for personal branding, .me TLD can be the best option in .com domain unavailability circumstances. 

Some recommended TLDs for personal domains; 

  • .com
  • .net
  • .me
  • .co
  • .dev
  • .pro
  • .digital

Some professional person’s domain extension may fit according to your profession.

  • .accountants
  • .archi
  • .attorney
  • .beauty
  • .broker
  • .careers
  • .ceo
  • .coach
  • .codes
  • .dealer
  • .dental
  • .dentist
  • .design
  • .engineer
  • .expert
  • .guru
  • .lawyer
  • .legal
  • .doctor
  • .vet

These TLDs define the exact value of your profession, so if you don’t find any .com LTD for your personal branding. Definitely, these can help you choose and explore your branding. 

Now let’s come to the business part, and it’s the board sector of this industry, in the modern day, without a website business like without water in the Ocean.

So, when running a business, it is important to book the domain name before someone registers and prevent the extra cost. 

Now, the question is;

How to Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Business?

Depending on your business category or niche, the domain name should be similar, providing extra memorable value for your customer. 

But that doesn’t mean that if your domain name doesn’t match your niche or services, it may harm your rank. No, absolutely not. 

Remember: Domain name doesn’t affect Google ranking. Quality and helpful content can help rank the first page on Google and major search engines.

So, in choosing the best and unique business domain for your business, my own experience can help you. 

For example, I run a digital marketing agency that is “AH DiGi” As I’m Akram Hossain, I take the first two initials that is AH, and I pick the DiGi word from the Digital.

Now, you can ask me why I didn’t choose the “Digital” word. Well, AH Digital is already a registered company, and they have booked their domain also. 

That’s the main reason to choose the AH DiGi instead of AH Digital

Have you got any idea from this real example?

  • .com first priority

When it does come to a business site, it should be .com’s first priority list, and you can pick the other TLDs depending on unavailability. 

Like, facebook.com, amazon.com, google.com, and similar tech giants use .com TLD primarily. 

But now, thousands of domains are registering within a second so that you will get the .com TLD for your business; it’s not sure. 

Does it mean that you should register a domain? No, not like that. You must choose the perfect domain instead of hanker after only .com TLD. 

  • Country base TLDs

Most of the time, we see businesses trading based on a territory or country; here is my recommendation to use country-based TLD to grab the localized customizer and build the trust. 

If you are trading in Australia, you can register a business domain with .com.au TLD that provides extra value to your local customers. 

Similarly, you can choose the .co.uk TLD for the UK and .us LTD for the USA that I have mentioned above. 

In short, for any domain registration, keep in mind these;

  • Keep within 15 characters

Keep your domain text string length within 15 characters and short; exceeding this length won’t give you any penalties, but it looks unprofessional and ugly. 

  • Avoid numbers and hyphens

Using hyphens can make typos for users when they are typing in the browser unless you are desperate for your domain name. Then you can use it; it’s not prohibited.

Also, numbers can make irritate users by typing your domain URL in the browser, so try to avoid numbers for intense.

  • Follow relevancy

According to your niche, you can choose a domain name with a “CRM” word using a suffix or prefix like a SaaS product for customer management.

It’s just an example; not necessary that you add CRM to your business domain. But I’m talking about the availability and high demand of .com TLD.

  • Avoid harsh words

Easy to type and remember domain can be vastly accessible for all, it helps users to keep in mind that they have visited your site and can easily re-visit by typing domain.

  • Focus on branding

Every business is a brand, and you should focus on branding while registering the domain for your business. 

It’s initially tough, but try to keep close to your brand name, which will help recognize your brand and domain simultaneously.

  • Check the trademark before registering

You should always check the trademark for your desired domain before registering. Otherwise, it may cost a bunch of bucks.

  • Register for multiple years

Your domain is your brand that contains your business, registering a domain for multiple passes to the slight single search engines that you are serious about your domain and works perfectly. It might be a backend single to provide extra value to search engines. 

  • Register with trusted service providers

Don’t hanker after the cheap and free domain without analyzing the background of the registering company.
Most of them want to give you a free domain, and then they will increase the renewal price unusually. 

They can block and transfer your domain to another, and you may lose it. So, before registering a good domain, always beware of spammers.

Some trusted companies provide domain hosting services for the long term, internationally and reputedly. 

Despite these, you can find your local and trusted providers, but don’t blindly believe without your own research. It may cost big.

Can I use ChatGPT AI to Generate a Domain Idea?

Well, in this AI era, you can use ChatGPT or AI-based tools to get domain name ideas for your business or niche.
However, according to my research, it doesn’t provide accurate availability and a perfect match for your niche.

Better, you should research it for yourself and try to main the branding depending on your targeted market. 

But using ChatGPT, it’s may help you to get the domain name idea for yourself. Also, you can generate thousands of similar domain names, and check them on any popular and trusted domain service provider.

If you get available, then go for it without any doubt. 

For instance, I will use the below prompt to generate if I need to choose a domain for my business. 

I want you to act as a domain name generator. You will reply to me with a list of {Number of domain ideas} domain name alternatives. You will only reply to the domain list. Domains should be maximum {number of words} words and {number of letters} letters, make it short, unique, and catchy. {Use / Dont use} non-existent words. My company name or ideas is: {company name or idea}

Using this prompt, you will get your desired idea and pick one you love. 

Does domain name negatively affect ranking?

No, the domain name doesn’t affect ranking or branding. Ranking and branding depend on several factors that don’t carry the name. 

Should I choose any domain names for my business or personal use?

Yes, you can choose any domain name for your business or personal usage, but remember, some prohibited categories like; porn, harmful, disgrace, and similar kind of domains whitely won’t rank, and these sites aren’t allowed publicly. 

Final Thought

Do you read the blog? Thanks for reading this spicy one. But the domain isn’t spicy right now. 

It’s really like an Alkaline for now. But registering a good domain isn’t really sweet. 

In short, let me rewind the whole thing; 

  • Keep it short
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Focus on your business branding
  • Fit TLDs with your business
  • Keep localized domain for local business

These tips help you get the best domain for you or your business that may be available.

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