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HubSpot Best Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2024

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Do you know about HubSpot, an all-in-one complete CRM and customer management software? I think you heard it. 

HubSpot is no longer shying away from AI, they have come up with a number of AI-related tools and features, making your regular and repetitive tasks much easier.

Not that I personally use AI much. But if used in the proper way it is beneficial for everyone.

AI makes professional tasks easier and reduces time and money. I feel the same about my work progress with HubSpot. 

With my experience, I’ll explore and explain the five major AI products from HubSpot that may help you increase your productivity and make effective use of HubSpot. 

AI can’t change your life dramatically, but it can help you improve your work experience dramatically and in no time. 

Let’s jump in; 

Free HubSpot AI-powered CRM

HubSpot Free AI-Powered CRM

HubSpot’s AI-powered CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform is an ultimate solution that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to analyze customer data and interactions. 

This advanced CRM system uses machine learning algorithms to track down vast amounts of data from various sources in no time. Thus, millions of businesses now rely on this AI-powered CRM platform to gain insights into their customer data and sights easily. 

This enables them to ensure more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, improving customer engagement and higher conversion rates.

Anyway, let’s have a short glimpse into some of the standout features that make HubSpot’s AI-powered CRM a game-changer for businesses: 

Complete Lead Activity Stream

Hubspot lets you figure out the overall relationship between your business and customers. When you can address what you lack, which leads to poor interaction, you can easily scale up your sales and marketing process.

HubSpot’s advanced lead management tools also help you centralize all your lead information, including company details, which they automatically pull from a massive database. 

This ensures your entire team is on the same page and accesses the most up-to-date data at a time. 

Conversational Bots

HubSpot CRM uses an AI-powered chatbot that allows customers to interact with your business more naturally and engagingly. It can qualify leads, provide customers with common queries, or handle routine inquiries and tasks. 

Automating these tasks allows your service team member to focus on more complex issues, maximizing their productivity. 

The best part is your bot will be available around the clock, which means your customers can interact with you whenever they need it. This makes your service more convenient and enhances your customer experience. 

Personalized Customer Interaction 

If you are struggling to build up a personalized interaction with your customer, I recommend the HubSpot CRM content assistant tools would be the best start for you. 

You just need to enter the prompt, and the tool will provide high-quality drafts, prospecting emails, blog posts, and social media content. 

Plus, with insightful templates and AI-driven suggestions, you can easily turn your write-ups into a masterpiece. 

After analyzing your customer and post-engagement metrics, the CRM will provide all the needed SEO suggestions to enhance personalization in your content so that you can interact with your customers in no time. 

AI-powered Reporting and Analytics

When you have the AI-driven reporting and analytics tool of HubSpot, the time has gone to analyze vast amounts of data of your business manually from multiple sources. 

With its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, you can analyze your customer data in a short period and convert it to a quick report. Even the end is not here. 

After reporting, this tool will assist you in strategic decision-making for different aspects of your business. What’s more? I make a customizable real-time report, store it in my pipeline, and get updates whenever I want! 

Data Centralization

HubSpot offers a comprehensive toolset that seamlessly connects all your apps and customer data, ensuring that everything is operating within a centralized CRM platform. 

After utilizing this superior feature of HubSpot, I can now rest assured that all of my valued data is stored in a safe place and can easily be accessed from an integrated platform. 

HubSpot will also help in managing effective spreadsheets where you can seamlessly import contact and company information. 

Even I’ve been personally amazed to see how accurately it is mapping data from this sheet to relevant CRM fields, saving my time and effort in manual data entry. 

HubSpot Free AI Email Writer

HubSpot Free AI Email Writer

HubSpot AI Email Writer is an innovative feature of HubSpot that is designed to simplify the process of drafting engaging email content. 

With the power of artificial intelligence, the tool helps users create on-brand messaging in the form of an email to engage customers. Throughout the process,  it offers suggestions that streamline the email creation as well as automate certain aspects of the writing process. 

Anyway, here is the ultimate feature list of AI email writers from HubSpot that you should know about: 

Creates Streamlined Email Content 

HubSpot’s AI email writer has truly transformed my business menial marketing process.

After utilizing this, too, I don’t need to stare at a blank screen and wonder what to write.

With this amazing feature, anyone can effortlessly write engaging emails targeting potential audiences. 

Even by adding value to the write-up, the tool helps you drive your business’s clicks and conversion rates to the next level. 

Plus, when you can integrate everything into a single HubSpot platform, you can streamline your entire marketing operations and automate workflows effectively. 

Effortless Email Campaign Management 

AI email writer of HubSpot will not stop there by just writing a few email content for you, it will effectively work in managing email campaigns to scale up your business as well. 

For instance, the integrated design and drafting tool for email marketing campaigns of this tool will prove a game-changer for your business. 

This feature allows you to easily create and customize email templates that align with your brand’s style and messaging. 

Then, utilize the slash and highlight commands to make changes to your edits and fine-tune them. 

Lastly, I mostly liked the seamless integration in your CRM. Through this, I can automatically record my campaign data in one place and easily track key metrics whenever possible! 

AI Email Segmentation

As a business owner, connecting with your bulk audiences with just a generic content piece showing your service is truly time-consuming. Don’t worry! This is the feature that will change the way you engage with your audiences. 

With this tool, you can effortlessly create captivating messaging for each audience segment, which will boost your open rates and overall engagement. 

Plus, the AI-powered generator will ensure that every email is sent to its intended recipients to drive meaningful interactions and ultimately, better results.

Email Tracking

The AI-powered drafting tool of HUbspoot will not only simplify the process of creating engaging email content but also help you track email performance. 

With its email tracker, you can gain valuable insights into how your email campaigns are performing, including open rates, click-through rates, and engagement metrics. 

This process personally helps me enough optimize my strategies and improve the effectiveness of my email marketing efforts.  

HubSpot Free AI Website Generator

HubSpot Free AI Website Generator

Generating a website now in just a matter of a fraction of the time with the AI website generator of HubSpot

The AI website generator of HubSpot is an innovative tool that simplifies the process of creating a professional business website. 

It is an easy-to-use website builder specially designed for those who want to have their own website without all that hassle, the complexity of web development, and the use of coding. 

All you just need to do is answer a few questions about your business, and in no time, you will have a personalized website design and can automate the labor-intensive tasks. 

Below is a sneak peek of the key features of the HubSpot AI website generator. 

Custom Site Creation Using No Code 

If you have ever created or even once tried to create a website, you can only know how much more difficult it is to create a website, designing it as well as developing it. 

It requires all those hurdles, endless hours, and resources due to the coding and complex interface. That’s where the HubSpot AI website generator makes its grand entry. 

With the AI content generator, creating a website is a matter of a flash of time. All you just need to do is to answer a series of prompts about your business. Once you enter the needs and preferences for your website, you will see the seamless churn-out site in front of your eyes in a few minutes. 

All these personalized-to-perfection sites you are creating do not require any coding, coding expertise, or code editing tools. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The user-friendly interface of the AI content generator offered by HubSpot makes it a breeze to create a website where every command and click is done effortlessly. This innovative tool has turned such a complex task of generating a website into an enjoyable and smooth experience. 

Automating the website creation process with the AI website generator runs in a flow involving entering just a few intuitive prompts and clicks according to your preference. That’s really all to do you will see your vision of a custom website come to life in a flash. 

Effortless Personalization 

You have entered the AI website generator, entered your prompts, and created a custom website. The AI-crafted website for you is now at the perfect launching point. 

You will have the effortless personalization option with the HubSpot AI website generator. Tailor your business according to your business needs and drag and drop to the editing features. 

Moreover, the AI website creator of HubSpot is mobile-friendly and takes care of all hosting of the website. You can publish your website, which will be hosted on the HubSpot platform. 

Seamless Integration 

The website often may be the first interaction between the potential clients and your business. The AI website generator works seamlessly with the customer platform of Hubspot and more impressively, it does not require any extra setup and adjustments. 

Moreover, it offers your business all the tools that are required to engage, attract, and delight customers in one place. 

Offers Tools For Business Growth 

With the HubSpot AI website generator, you will have all the tools that are required to scale the website and for business growth. 

One will be offered features like driving traffic with SEO content and creating AI-powered email marketing campaigns. It does not matter what your goal is for the growth of your business; the Hubspot AI website generator empowers your success.

HubSpot Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

HubSpot Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

The AI Paragraph rewriter is an innovative tool of HubSpot that uses artificial intelligence to reword the given text or paragraph within a similar word count. 

The tool synonymously generates completely unique content but matches the intent of your original content.

It is an easy-to-use paragraph rewriting tool designed for those looking to change the word while keeping the intent the same and enhancing the content to the maximum extent.

Anyway, here is the ultimate feature list of the HubSpot AI paragraph rewriter that you should know about.

Rewording Text With AI

The AI paragraph rewriter of HubSpot is an all-in-all solution when it comes to enhancing the content to the maximum extent.

No wonder highly valued content is essential for any business to capture new customers and engage the existing ones. However, creating highly engaging content is one of the most time-consuming tasks for any marketing strategy.

That’s where the AI paragraph rewriter makes its entry. The AI paragraph rewriter of Hubspot has made it all easy in the content strategy for business.

With the help of the tool, rewording the content takes a fraction of the time. It saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually. Moreover, you can generate email messaging, and refresh existing blog posts in no time.

Rough Concept Conversion

The rough idea conversion feature of the HubSpot AI paragraph rewriter is a game changer for the content creator. I know transforming rough ideas and drafts into polished ones has never been an easy task.

But with HubSpot’s AI paragraph rewriter tool, you can say it has become a breeze. You just need to input your idea and drafts and the AI will do the rest. You will see captivating refined content before your eyes.

That’s not the end here.

With the help of the AI paragraph rewriter, I can easily create the promotional copy and share it on multiple social media platforms without any hassle.

It is just like the end of the struggle of translating the thought into words as the AI is making all those hard works more than easy.

Content Centralization

With the AI paragraph rewriter of HubSpot, one can effortlessly centralize the entire content strategy.

It is really time-sucking switching between various content management applications, collaboration platforms, and documents.

In this case, the HubSpot AI content rewriter is the all-in-one-place solution. If I say anything about myself, from initiation and creating content based on AI to publication, I’ve got the tool covered.

Not only that you can also create blogs with the free CMS software of the hubspot and reach your target audience.


AI-powered rewriting tool not only simplifies the rewording of text or content centralization but also helps you in proofreading.

Where the AI can create the text in a breeze, but the injection of your brand specification can be an added level of work. This powerful AI rewriter of HubSpot actively proofreads your content according to your needs.

Whether it is about the length of the content tone or readability, the tool does it all precisely in a short time.

I can generate various iterations of copy very easily. It helps me to find out what suits best for the brand and, most importantly the target audience of the business.

HubSpot Free AI Content Writer

HubSpot Free AI Content Writer

Want to create high-quality, engaging content using advanced AI technology? If yes, then the HubSpot AI content writer is the perfect tool for you. 

Hubspot AI content writer is a valuable tool within the HubSpot platform that helps users generate high-quality, engaging content. It makes the content creation easier, enhances the quality of content by using artificial intelligence and, more importantly craft content in record time. 

Throughout the process of generating content, it provides all the needed SEO suggestions and recommendations to help you rank those pieces at the top in the SERP results. 

You can also know whether AI content is currently being ranked or not. 

Generate Engaging Content

The time has gone to manually create high-quality, long-form content, which wastes your valuable time. HubSpot is a powerful assistance that helps you craft engaging content that will even be completely humanized.

You just need to provide the prompt or topic, and it will create the whole content within a few seconds whether it is a blog post, landing page, or email. 

AI-powered Copywriting

As a business owner, creating engaging emails for sales or marketing purposes is time-consuming. With HubSpot ai content writer, you can say goodbye to wasting your valuable time crafting a perfect email. 

By using artificial intelligence in HubSpot, you can craft content with engaging lines that can grab attention and create emails within seconds. 

After that, the AI algorithms will analyze data and provide suggestions to make it a personalized piece, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. 

Create Content In Record Time

The Hubspot AI content writer not only helps you create engaging content but also helps you generate the content within a scheduled time. It streamlines your entire writing process and helps you to generate website copy, landing page, and blog posts in a fraction of the time. 

Advanced Integration 

HubSpot’s connected platform will change the way how you manage content ideation and lead generation. Now, you will no longer have to switch between multiple tools while writing, which increases the risk of errors and missed opportunities. 

With HubSpot, everything you need from content creation to lead tracking is integrated into one platform. This ensures a smooth transition between different stages of the marketing and sales process by minimizing the chances of errors. 

Note: AI isn’t qualified yet to generate helpful content like humans, but you can get ideas from them. You should blindly rely on AI to generate content for your blog or article. Just get the idea.

Final Verdict

So, the last line should tell you that your HubSpot’s AI features aren’t game-changing for your daily repetitive tasks, but there is some extra equipment to make your HubSpot’s Hub. 

Email writing, Website generators, and the beautiful AI-powered CRM are awesome things for it. 

I’m not telling you that you have to use it for your next move, but you can use their free trial to explore by yourself. 

The team can easily gain the habituality with these features for small to upper small tasks. 

Also, I don’t recommend you use AI for content writing, it may be harmful for now. And AI is still not qualified to generate user-experienced and helpful content. 

So, As AI is expanding day by day, you should be familiar with it right now, and it’s high time to explore your daily routine with AI. 

Regarding HubSpot, it means a lot for customer support or website creation. 

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