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9 Best AI Plagiarism Checker Tools With 99% Accuracy

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Everything you have is fresh and unique with it.


Mostly accurate and fresh AI content detector with unique content.


Reliable, safe, and extremely effective for easily verifying original work.

Paraphrase Tool

AI detector, AI writer, Composer, and more in one platform.

Winston AI

AI content detection tool to help check AI content generated with ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and LLM.


A reputable plagiarism checker based on advanced technology.


Transform AI-generated content into undetectable AI text.


An All-In-One AI Solutions.


A comprehensive suite of powerful and even stronger products.

Have you heard the name of ChatGPT? I think you have already used it for fun or serious purposes. Aren’t you?

It’s an AI revolution era, and AI will simplify everything. It helps us manage and utilize our current situation differently. 

Regarding content writing, It’s really a headache for bloggers that writers can use AI content without filtering or human proofreading. 

Google doesn’t like any unhealthy and unhelpful content that doesn’t provide any value to users. Google needs experience in content that may help users the least. 

Detecting AI-generated content is essential for bloggers or marketers to get a higher rank by providing valuable content. But AI content doesn’t mean unhelpful. But it may miss the logic and real-time data. After all, they are not human beings and don’t have any emotions like humans. 

I wrote and published randomly, but the main issue occurred when my content didn’t get a higher rank due to (possibly) unintentional plagiarism AI unfiltered content. 

But now, I become smart with the AI plagiarism checker tool that helps me to identify plagiarism in my content with a single click. 

Firstly, you should know that plagiarism checks and AI content checks aren’t the same; they have different AI thinking and human written things that may be different. 

Now, I will share my experience and opinion with these tools that may help you choose the best one for your content to refresh from others. 

Let’s get explore thoroughly;

Which are the best AI Plagiarism Checker Tools?

Look, depending on the plagiarism checker’s accuracy, we can’t determine that this particular tool is the best for plagiarism detection. Initially, it’s tough to say, but after observation of my own research. I think these tools can help you to make your content more effective and helpful for Google.

Most writer uses AI tools to generate their content, as many of them are writing the same thing, so chances are high that AI tools will provide the same output with paraphrasing.

AI detection and plagiarism aren’t the same, but they are almost similar if generated are already used by someone online.

I’m not giving the ultimate recommendation about these tools because technologies are randomly changing, and language models are ongoing in this industry. 

So, the copy detection tool’s model is also upgrading itself. Therefore, I will just explain the user experience and thoughts to help you choose your best one. 

Remember, no tool or software is perfect at all; they are individual, and they have their own technologies to give the output for you. So, depending on your needs, my recommendation can be different from yours. 

These are not chronological series; you can choose one that fits your needs and budget. 

1. GPTZero

GPTZero Logo
Image: GPTZero Logo

GPTZero is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about AI-generated content and how to identify it. 

Plus, it’s free, easy to use, and provides in-depth results. From the front page, you can use its different types of detection systems, such as ChatGPT, GPT4, Llama2, Human, and AI+Human.

Here are the key features of GPTZero; 

  • AI-powered plagiarism detection: GPTZero uses advanced algorithms to analyze text and identify whether a human or a machine (AI) wrote it. It can detect different types of AI-generated content, including paraphrasing, summarization, and machine translation.
  • Thorough Detection: According to their feature, They detect duplicate content in three steps: Deep Analysis, Source Scanning, and Histories.
  • Detailed Results: GPTZero provides a detailed report on its analysis, including the probability that the text was AI-generated, as well as specific indicators of AI usage, such as unusual word choices, sentence structures, and patterns.

However, it is important to remember that GPTZero is not perfect and should not be used to determine whether a piece of text is plagiarized.


GPTZero Pricing Plans
  • Essential – $10/month: With the AI decision feature, you will get 150,000 words per month. But a plagiarism checker isn’t included. Also, you can batch scan up to 10 files at a time.
  • Premium – $16/month: Get premium view and writing feedback, including Essential features. You can generate 300,000 words per month with plagiarism scanning.
  • Professional – $23/month: With advanced Data Security and invite team member features, you can generate 500,000 words per month, including a premium plan.

2. Originality.AI

Originality.ai Logo
Image: Originality.ai Logo

Originality.ai is the most recommended and highest accuracy maintained tool that helps check AI content, plagiarism, and readability.

It’s recommended by SearchEngine Journal, Search Engine Land, Forbes, and more. That indicates that it has some potential to use. 

A comprehensive AI checker for content creators, promising accuracy, originality, and quality assurance across various aspects of writing.

  • AI-powered Content Detection: Originality.AI claims to be the most accurate in the market, boasting a 99% success rate for identifying GPT-4 generated content. It can even catch paraphrased text.
  • Plagiarism Checking: Scans your work for plagiarism across various sources, ensuring its originality.
  • Fact-checking: You can detect and ensure the accuracy of the content by verifying its factual claims.
  • Readability Checking: Analyzes content writing for readability, suggesting improvements for clarity and conciseness.

Overall, Originality.AI presents itself as a comprehensive AI checker for content creators, promising accuracy, originality, and quality assurance across various aspects of writing.


Originalityai Pricing
  • Pay-as-you-go – $30/one-time: Get 3000 credits (1 credit scans 100 words for AI and plagiarism checks, 1 credit for scans 10 words for fact checks)) for one time. Including AI scans, plagiarism scans, and more.
  • Base Subscription – $14.95/month: Everything from the PAYGO plan, 2000 credits, and unlimited scan history. Also, you can scan a full site using a URL and manage your team right from your dashboard.

3. Quetext

Quetext Logo
Image: Quetext Logo

Quetext, from regular plagiarism detection to AI content detection, can sophisticatedly handle and analyze within a second. 

DeepSearch technology allows you to analyze the contextual data, word placement, and more, making your content unique and helpful for your audience. 

Let’s have a look at the features of Quetext below;

  • Plagiarism Checkers: It’s a broad thing that allows students, teachers, and copywriters to check the plagiarism of their content with a single click.
    With different algorithms and different technologies, they analyze the content and provide the best value for them. 
  • AI Content Detector: Using their NLP algorithm, they detect the AI-generated content that is already excited online or somewhere that may not generated by humans. 

They detect the content generated by Bard (Google), ChatGPT (OpenAI), GPT-3, GPT-4, LLaMA (Meta), and also humans. 

In Quetext, it makes it easier to optimize your content from plagiarism and AI. Fresh, useful, helpful, and informative content may get a higher rank than expected.


Quetext Pricing Plans

It has some pricing plans, including free;

  • Free: They provide a free plan for a lifetime and you can check plagiarism up to 500 words.
  • Premium—$8.80/month/user: This is a free plan that includes everything, and it provides extra features like grammar and spell check up to 100,000 Words.
  • Enterprise – 8.00/month/user: Including the premium plan, you can also add up to 5 team members.

4. ParaphraseTool

Paraphrase Tool Logo
Image: Paraphrase Tool Logo

ParaphraseTool is very clear and simple, offering features right from the front page without navigating from page to page. 

ParaphaseTool allows you to compare, paraphrase, and translate your content. But it has a special feature, which is Plagiarism Check. 

Using ParaphaseTool makes your content creation career more sophisticated with the power of AI and the feature itself. 

Key features are the following:

  • Compose: In ParaphaseTool, you can compose a whole Article, Cover letter, Email, Essay, Business Plan, and more with a few clicks. 
  • Paraphrase: To upgrade and update your existing content, paraphrasing allows you to re-create the highest value with your content, making it more helpful with the latest information for your user.
  • Plagiarism Check: This amazing feature detects your content’s AI content and plagiarism and makes your content fresh and unique from others with a single line of plagiarism. 
  • Translate: Turn your own language content into various with its translate feature; it provides almost every language to translate. 


Paraphrasetool Pricing Plans

ParaphraseTool is very clear with their pricing; 

  • Monthly – $7.99: You can paraphrase up to 500 paragraphs per month and check up to 100 plagiarism with all modes and languages. Remember: They have almost 20 styles.
  • Annual – $4.99/month: Everything “Monthly” Plan included and you can unlock unlimited versions of all these things.

5. Winston.ai

Winston ai Logo
Image: Winston ai Logo

Winston.ai makes it super easy to detect AI content from Students, Writers, and Web Publishers who want clear, fresh, and unique content. 

Not only ChatGPT content but also detect Google Bard, LLMs, and others. They claim that they provide accurate results. But you may know the plagiarism checkers’ accuracy, and they are the same. None of them are 100% accurate. 

Besides, let’s have a look at the key features of Winston.ai;

  • AI Content Detector: As expected, they provide updated and advanced AI content detector technologies to check the AI plagiarism. It is not just for ChatGPT; it works with any AI-generated content. 
  • Plagiarism Checker: Remove unwanted or unintentional content that is added to your content and make it fresh and clean with their plagiarism checker technology. 
  • Readability Score: It’s important to your users who read your content. Maximum readability makes it easy to read and reduces the bounce rate. 


Winston.ai Pricing Plans
  • Free: Scan up to 2,000 words with an advanced AI detection feature, where you can scan documents.
  • Essential Plan – $12/month: Scan up to 80,000 words including scanning pictures and handwriting documents. Also, get PDF reports. (Free plan is included).
  • Advanced Plan – $19/month: Scan up to 200,000 words with advanced AI and plagiarism detection features. Plus you can add unlimited team members to improve your productivity. By the way, Essential Plan is included.

6. PlagiarismCheck

Plagiarism Check.org Logo
Image: PlagiarismCheck.org Logo

PlagiarismCheck is the smartest and most powerful tool that not only provides AI plagiarism checking but also an advanced way to detect fingerprints. They are even eligible for organizations and individuals. 

Grab the uniqueness with PlagiarismCheck and make your content different from AI tools, that mostly not useful for readers. 

The key features of PlagiarismCheck; 

  • AI Plagiarism Checker: Bring the human sense into your content by preventing AI content that is mostly not contextual.
  • Advanced AI Technology: They use the latest and updated technology to detect AI-generated and human-written content. It provides the unique and fresh content. 


They have different types of pricing plans for different audiences;

  • Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Business

Here, I will share the individual plans that are suitable for students, writers, and bloggers who also need an incredible way to make content clean and optimized from plagiarism.

Plagiarismcheck Tool Pricing Plan

Individual Plan:

  • Basic – $5.99: You can detect AI content for 20 pages (275 words per page), including a grammar checker with limitless. ($0.30 for additional page).
  • Light – $9.99: Same features of this plan, but you can optimize up to 50 pages (275 words/page) without limit. ($0.20 for additional page).
  • Standard – $25.49: Here, you can optimize 150 pages (275 words/page) with accurate grammar and AI detection checker. ($0.17 for additional page).
  • Premium – $45.49: Almost the same features with 300 pages (275 words/page) scanning limit. ($0.15 for additional page).

7. Phrasly

Phrasly.ai Logo
Image: Phrasly.ai Logo

Use Phrasly and transform your AI content into human-written content with the power of an AI-content detection tool. 

Using this tool, you will be less worried about your content, which makes it unique, useful, and professional. 

You may wonder how it’s possible to convert. Well, it’s a simple calculation; they detect the whole AI content, grab the usual content, and suggest removing it or adding some human-touch content like real-time experience, contextual data, emotions, and others that make content like a human. 

It’s a simple tip for writers who write content using AI tools, but they should think that AI isn’t complete like humans.

Essential features of Phrasly; 

  • AI Detector: Make your content fresh, unique, and helpful with a human touch that makes it informative and contextual.
  • Humanize AI Content: Make your AI-generated content into human-written content, bypassing the AI tone and context. 
  • Grammar Checker: Easily check the grammatical errors and typos that irritate the reading experience and make it flawless and fluent to read. 


Phrasly.ai Pricing Plan
  • Free ($19.99/mo): They called it free, but it’s a trial version for one time, after the trial period you have to pay monthly or annually. You can humanize up to 550 words and 100% AI detection features during this trial.
  • Unlimited – $19.99/mo: You can avail unlimited words per month and 2500 words per process. You will even get early access to the next AI features of Phrasly.

8. Smodin

Smodin Logo
Image: Smodin Logo

Smodin is an AI content detection tool that comes with different types of AI content generation technologies. 

From content re-writing to AI content detection, you can get help from AI for different purposes, and they are highly accurate with their business. 

They provide many AI features, but here, I highlight only plagiarism and the AI detection feature, which is the main motto for this blog.

  • Plagiarism Checker: You can filter the Super Search or Google Scholar Search for better checking. Also, you can exclude or include any URL or line to analyze for plagiarism. They scan millions of websites and analyze your content with the fastest and most accurate technology.
    They even generate citations for written content to avoid plagiarism. 
  • AI Content Detection: Smodin provides highly accurate and multi-lingual AI content detection that can filter human-written and AI-generated content. 
  • Grammar Checker: Using Smodin, you can check the grammatical errors, typos, and structural issues of your content. 


Smodin Pricing Plans
  • Limited Plan – Free: You will get 3 writing credits daily, 5 rewriters, a plagiarism checker, and a translator daily.
  • Essentials Plan – $10/mo: It gives 100 writing credits per month and unlimited rewriters and plagiarism checkers facilities. Based on a typical use case, the estimated number of words per month is 20,000.
  • Productive Plan – $29/mo: Everything essential plan included and you will get 12,000 characters per text for rewriters and plagiarism checkers. Nevertheless, 500 writing credits per month are included.
  • Ultimate Plan – 79/mo: Everything in the Productive plan is included and 1500 writing credits are available for business and professional persons. Interestingly, Bulk API feature in this plan. And you can create 5 sub-accounts to scale your team effort.

9. Copyleaks

Copyleaks Pricing Plans
CopyLeaks Logo
Image: CopyLeaks Logo

Copyleaks AI Content Detector is the most accurate for detecting Large Language Models (LLM) generated text by four global researchers’ opinion. 

They can detect almost 99.12% of Human data and 95.00% of GPT data with almost the highest accuracy. 

With the power of AI, they use the latest technology to detect AI content and suggest converting it into human-written content. 

Besides AI content detection, they have more tools that help in the AI field. 

Let’s have a look at the AI features, for instance; 

  • AI Content Detector: Filter your human written content from AI content with Copyleaks; it can detect an unintentional copy of an AI or AI-generated piece. 
  • Plagiarism Checker: Copyleaks allows you to check your content’s plagiarism to make it your ownership and authenticity. 


  • AI + Plagiarism Checker – $16.99/mo: Use up to 100 credits (1 credit= 250 words), You can detect AI content and check plagiarism simultaneously in this plan. You can even use multiple forms of paraphrasing detection and invite 2 users.
  • Plagiarism Checker – $10.99/mo: Including plagiarism checker, you can easily check up to 100 monthly credits (1 credit = 250 words). Even you will get API access in this plan.
  • AI Detector – $9.99/mo: You can detect AI content in up to 30 languages without 99% AI accuracy including ChatGPT and Bard model.

AI Plagiarism Checker Tools FAQs

What types of AI content can they detect?

  • They can detect various types, including direct copies, paraphrases, AI-generated text with different writing styles, and even AI-translated content.

Are AI plagiarism checkers 100% accurate?

  • No, they are not perfect. While they can be highly accurate, they are still under development and may not detect all instances of AI-generated or paraphrased content.

Why do I need an AI plagiarism checker?

  • AI-generated content is becoming increasingly common, making traditional plagiarism checkers less effective. AI checkers can help ensure your work is original and avoid accidental plagiarism.

What factors should I consider when choosing an AI checker?

  • Some key factors to consider are accuracy, features, price, ease of use, supported file formats, and integration with your workflow.


You know AI plagiarism checkers emerge as powerful tools, wielding algorithms to detect the subtle fingerprints of robotic authorship. But their arrival presents a critical question: are these tools allies or adversaries in pursuing originality?

AI plagiarism checkers are undoubtedly valuable assets, meticulously scanning for traces of AI-generated text and uncovering potential plagiarism that traditional methods might miss. 

They offer a safety net, ensuring the integrity of your work and protecting you from unintentional copyright infringement.

However, to rely solely on these tools would be a strategic error. Remember, they are still under development, susceptible to the ever-evolving tactics of AI-powered content generation. 

AI Detector can flag suspicious content, but ultimately, the burden of critical analysis and discerning originality falls upon the human shoulder.

Therefore, the key lies in a harmonious partnership. Embrace AI plagiarism checkers as valuable allies, but never relinquish your own critical thinking skills. Use them to identify potential areas of concern, but delve deeper with your own intuition and understanding of language.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog; stay connected with me for the next one. Tata. 

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